Полы с линолеумом

What is natural linoleum

Ingredients natural linoleum Natural linoleum stands out its decorative and durability. In addition, it is environmentally friendly flooring. After all, more than ninety-nine percent of the components – natural ingredients. These include linseed oil, jute and resin base. By the way, natural linoleum is made by technology, not change much over time. Naturally, on the date, few companies can afford such a costly process, and therefore the production of linoleum by large, well-known companies in the world. Strength and scope This type of linoleum is highly durable. The material itself is very durable, and has a protective surface film that


How to choose garden parquet

Garden flooring or decking Finishing homestead areas – is not an easy task, requiring special knowledge and materials. To date, very popular is the garden flooring or decking. This material is used almost everywhere – for flooring on terraces, balconies, verandas and park paths to the device. Surface preparation and selection of decking Flooring for garden needs a smooth surface. However, in most cases it does not cause problems, as training grounds – not too complicated. It is very important is another question – the right choice decking. So, how does it choose? “Traditional” material for landscaping and outdoor design


How to choose a laminate

In the last ten years has become very popular laminate flooring. This is explained by the fact that at very high quality and attractive price information for this product and is consistent with the average purse of the average person. The main components of the laminate Laminate flooring is made of pressure-treated wood, which has been rubbed in the dust and then brought to the crystalline state. Almost any kind of laminated board includes the following components: 1. Moisture-resistant layer comprising a special film. This layer protects your laminate from moisture. 2. Fiberboard (MDF). 3. As a decorative layer of

Выбор ковролина

How to choose a carpet

The choice of carpet with the method of production How to choose a carpet for an apartment? Should consider several criteria for choosing this floor. 1. Technology of production of tufted carpet yarn vkalyvanie implies a basis using a special needle to and fixed with glue. The popularity of this technology is due, above all, a wide range of different designs flooring – loop, pile, and so on. 2. A method of manufacturing needle carpet: placed on a primary basis mixed yarn, then they are driven based needle and then attached a complimentary basis. Most often as the second pillar


How to choose the floorboard

Types and dignity parketnoy classified To choose the right parquet flooring, consider its main types and their advantages. 1. Laminate flooring is an artificial substitute. Its advantages lie in the affordable price range, high speed and ease of installation. Installation in a floating manner. 2. Three-layer parquet board is presented in the form of a contemporary work of technical skill in woodworking. It is considered the material as a substitute for flooring, despite the use of natural materials in manufacturing. The main advantages are: • Speed and ease of installation using the floating method; • Greater resistance to changes in