10 years of excellent work in Zaporizhia and throughout Ukraine

Floor coverings – profile of our company. Our services are used by customers as a famous trademark, and the average and large companies. We provide all our customers with reliable materials and perfect workmanship

Laying of floor coverings

The main services offered by our company throughout Ukraine:

  • Laying linoleum
  • Laying carpet
  • Laying laminate
  • Industrial floors
  • Laying rubber coating

Creation of sports facilities

  • Create a football field
  • Construction of tennis courts
  • The construction of the basketball court
  • Construction of volleyball courts

Years of experience laying flooring throughout Ukraine

We, Eurotime, being an active participant in this market for almost ten years, and we know all the secrets of a good, quality work. Using the most advanced materials, the compulsory certification, possessing impeccable skill installation, works on installation – experts Eurotime can in the shortest time to overhaul your old age your floors or create them “from scratch” in a newly constructed building.

Condition of floors – the card, the image of your company

Укладка коммерческого линолеумаIt often happens to see dilapidated, long seen the repair flooring in various areas through which the day, if not thousands, hundreds of employees, visitors and customers.

Floor coverings immediately give the true state of affairs in any business or shopping center. Where they are in full bloom, they are different, at least, well-groomed, and at best – amazing splendor, as are made of quality materials hands of professionals.

Supply of materials for repair or new installation

Укладка ковролинаSpeedy delivery of orders is very dependent on the speed of delivery of materials with accessories. We have long established a system of direct supply from regular partners – manufacturers. Due to the polished delivery on our construction sites are always hard at work with no downtime. The ability to efficiently manage your time, thought the organization of the working process – another reason why it is best to contact us.

Creation of industrial floors

Бетонная стяжка You – business leaders and want to repair in the shops, in warehouses or in the engineering services of your plant? We can offer you quality solutions, which are designed for a very serious burden: the ability to withstand the weight of multi-ton machines, equipment, and exposure to chemicals. Work with prompolami qualified specialists will not only technically competent, but also with all the features required for each specific workplace.

Laying sports surfaces

Needs quality coating sports complex? Then contact us, treadmills, volleyball and basketball courts, a track around the pool – this is what we assemble in a matter of days, to ensure full safety of the athletes, as the high-quality sports floors are made of durable, wear-resistant rubber, provide almost no injuries. The rubber coating on the open areas, private rooms – just what we need a modern sports complex.

Installation of artificial grass

Укладка искусственной травыTurf – beautiful, of course, but caring for them requires a very difficult: it is known to every employee of the football club, is preparing for the games of football fields or training. We know the solution to this challenge: training on artificial turf permanently rid your club for all problems related to the maintenance coatings, and very rapid, work will minimize the inconvenience.

Laying linoleum and laminate

Need to make repairs in the apartment or office cabinets? Linoleum and laminate – the most popular materials for such repairs. It is believed that such work can not handle anyone who basically know how to handle tools. However it is better to turn to professionals – that is, to us. Each of these materials has its own characteristics, each firm, manufactures laminate or linoleum, has its own technologies, we continuously study. This means that the work will be done at the highest level, and the result will be good for years to come – for quality work with any type of flooring has a direct impact on their life.

Project development

Typically, the top of the preparatory work is always preceded by the development of the project. Our specialists will examine all the features of the proposed order, economically justified it, determine deadlines, offering customers more options to choose from.

Design development

Создание кортовInstalling flooring requires not only the efforts of engineers and craftsmen handlers: I love to solve problems associated with creating a complete image of a room requires a design idea. We are proud that the company is working Eurotime wonderful professionals to design for these purposes. They not only have a sense of style, developed taste, but also know a lot about the texture of the materials used, their performance characteristics, the ability to combine with each other. Therefore, the creation of such a spectacular design that blends perfectly with the rest of the room – what a pleasure our specialists will be engaged in development, taking into account your wishes.

Floor coverings are improving from year to year, the market is developing, expanding – it requires constant study of all new products. We can confidently say that no new product is not left out of the field of view of specialists: Before using any of the materials or technology, they must test. Only by achieving an ideal level of execution of the work, these professionals offer their customers as a service.

Three foundations of our company

High quality, as soon as possible, a willingness to engage in dialogue with the client – these are the three pillars on which the firm is a long-term success of the company Eurotime. That is why we know they trust us not only large and medium-sized customers in Zaporizhia and the region, and throughout Ukraine, as we have the possibility of getting our teams to almost any area in the country.

Phone the manager, you can order the materials and the work of any complexity and for any area – technological capabilities allow us to perform any amount of work without loss of quality and speed.

Become our regular customers, you get a whole range of very attractive discounts, bonuses, by which we always like to thank our loyal customers for a fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Укладка напольных покрытий специалистами по всей территории Украины.